What is my current academic interest or interest code?
To view what your current major is listed as, log onto your myKU Portal, from the Academics drop-down menu choose My Progress. Once your are in your advising information click on the academics tab. This is where you interest code is listed! 

Need to change or update your interest code?
To change your major interest you can go to Strong Hall 109 and fill out a major change for, or email collegeadvising@ku.edu from your KU email to update your interest code. It is very important that you update your interest code and major if it's listed incorrectly or you've made a change. 
Strong 109 is the front office of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. They can also be reached at 785-864-3500
Keep in mind, updating your interest code is not the same as declaring your major or applying to a professional school. These are separate processes.

If you are admitted into a Professional School (Business, Journalism, etc.) but no longer wish to be a part of that school then you would fill out a Change of School Form and turn it into Strong Hall 109. You would then be a part of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences until you apply to a different program.

Declaring a Liberal Arts & Science major or Applying to a Professional School:
Some College of Liberal Arts & Science majors have admission requirements you must complete or be in the process of completing before you can declare.
Professional Schools have specific combinations of admission and GPA requirements, as well as specific application deadlines.

Places to check for Admission Requirements and Application deadlines:
1. The Academic Catalog
2. The website of your chosen degree!
3. Your Advisor! Always check in with us to see if you are ready to apply or declare!


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