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Where do I enroll?

All KU students enroll on their own in the Enroll and Pay system on or after their enrollment date and time. Once you have met with your advisor, have all the courses you would like to enroll in and all of your enrollment holds are removed, you are ready to choose your class times and and enroll.  Your advisor will help you choose what classes you should enroll in for the future semesters to remain on progress for your degree, but students are expected to create their own weekly schedule and enroll on their own. You can use our Schedule of Classes website to look up classes you want to enroll in and see the days and times they are offered by looking up individual courses.

Enrollment Timeline:
-Schedule of Classes for the upcoming semester is typically announced at the end of March (for the summer and fall) and at the end of September (for the spring). You can find classes here.
-Next, you are given your enrollment time. This comes from the Office of the Registrar - they email you each semester! Your enrollment time is based upon the amount of hours you have completed.Your enrollment time refers to the moment  Enroll & Pay grants you access to officially secure your seats in the upcoming semester.
-Finally, you will be contacted by your advisor to schedule your enrollment appointment. This is what we advisors call your meetings with us to choose your courses! We always encourage you to come see us before your enrollment time opens.


Schedule Builder You can map out your ideal KU semester schedule and send it straight to your shopping cart in Enroll & Pay. Add each course you want to take and see what schedule options it generates!

Navigate the new Enroll & Pay student look!

Adding a Class.

Adding a Waitlisted Class.

Enrollment Holds

Enrollment holds are restrictions—it may mean that documentation is missing, that you need to meet with an advisor, or that some other action is required. Please click here to view all enrollment holds at the university. Your holds will always be within Enroll & Pay.

Most Common Enrollment Holds for Students Assigned to the Undergraduate Advising Center

ADM-Admissions Hold: Students who need to send their official final H.S. transcript and/or test scores to the Office of Admissions.

Student Responsibility: Send final H.S. transcript or test scores to the admissions office

Contact: Office of Admissions; 785-864-3911; adm@ku.edu


ADV-Welcome Advising Hold: Students in their first semester

Student Responsibility: Meet with an academic advisor before enrolling in the next semester

Contact: Schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor in Jayhawk GPS


 ALC-Mandatory Alcohol Education Hold: Students who have not completed both required alcohol education course by the given deadlines. The course can be accessed at https://admin.fifoundry.net/university_of_kansas/sign_in using official KU online ID and password.

Student Responsibility: Complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the alcohol education by the deadlines given. If you have completed Part 1, are waiting for Part 2 to become available to you but are ready to enroll (you have no other enrollment holds on your account and your enrollment is open) - Watkins Health Services 
can temporarily remove your hold for 24 hours so that you can enroll in your next semester classes. They will only remove the hold once. Give them a call!

Contact: Watkins Health Services; Compliance Coordinator; 785-864-9533


ATH-Student Athlete Hold: Students who are athletes.

Student Responsibility: Students need to speak with their sport advisor before enrolling in the next semester

Contact: KU Athletics


AEC-Applied English Center Hold: International students who are either in the Applied English Center or the Academic Accelerated Program.

Student Responsibility: Meet with the Applied English Center or Academic Accelerated Program staff before enrolling in the next semester. Students gather enrollment allowances and attend enrollment meetings with the AEC before holds can be removed.

Contact: Applied English Center; 785-864-4606; aec@ku.edu


IMM- Immunization Hold: Students who have not submitted immunization records to Watkins Health Services. 

Student Responsibility: Obtain all required immunization records and submit via your student health portal.  There are 2 steps to submitting your immunization records:  1. Enter your immunization history through the student health portal at watkinspatientportal.ku.edu.  Login using your official KU online ID and password and go to the Medical Clearances tab to manually enter your immunizations and dates.  2. Submit official documentation by scanning and uploading the documentation to verify your immunization history under the Medical Clearances tab and Immunization Upload.  Only if you are not able to scan and upload documents, you may submit documentation by fax to 785-812-0214.

Contact: Watkins Health Services; Compliance Coordinator; 785-864-9533


NPY-Past Due Balance Hold: Students who have a balance that needs to be paid to the university

Student Responsibility: Pay the minimum balance needed to lift the hold. Once the balance is paid online the hold will be removed within 30 minutes.

Contact: Student Accounts and Receivables; 785-864-3322


PKL-Parking Hold: Students who have an unpaid parking ticket

Student Responsibility: Pay the parking ticket on their website. Once ticket is paid the parking hold will be removed within 30 minutes.

Contact: Parking and Transit Office; 785-864-7275


PRB-CLAS Academic Standing Hold: Students who are on academic probation or notice and have not completed the academic action plan

Student Responsibility: Meet with an academic advisor to complete the academic action plan

Contact: Schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor in Jayhawk GPS


TBQ and TBW-Tuberculosis Hold: Students who have not yet completed required screening for Tuberculosis.

Student Responsibility: Complete any additional screening required by Watkins Health Services. You may have completed the questionnaire as part of the enrollment process but additional information may be needed based on the information you provided. 

Contact: Watkins Health Services; Compliance Coordinator; 785-864-9533


SL1/SL2- VP Student Affairs Hold: Students who have yet to complete a university sanction

Student Responsibility: Students need to complete the required sanction or speak with the university staff member who administered the sanction to the student

Contact: Student Conduct and Community Standards; 785-864-4060


SXH-Sexual Harassment Education Hold: Students who have not completed the online sexual harassment education

Student Responsibility: Complete the online module: Click Here or check your KU Email

Contact: Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center; 785-864-5879


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