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Temporary COVID enrollment forms and processes

Take a look at this page of the Registrar's website for enrollment help after certain enrollment access becomes restricted or for other enrollment options that require specific academic approval
-Schedule Change Form - needed to add/swap into a course after its' 100% refund period has passed. 
-Time Conflict Approval
-Request to Enroll Above Maximum hours limit 
-Request to Increase Credit Hour
List of all College of Liberal Arts & Sciences policies and forms found here. ​

How do I add a class?

First, talk to an advisor to ensure that the class works with your degree plan and will not conflict with other classes in your schedule. Check the academic calendar to see if you can add a class online or must obtain written permission to join a class.
Click here for instructions on how to add a course!

I need to drop a class. What do I do?

First, talk to your advisor about why you need to drop and to make sure that it will not negatively affect your degree progress, GPA, or financial aid.
Next, check the academic calendar to see if you can still drop a class online or must obtain written permission to drop or join a new class.  It is better to use the swap feature than to drop and add.  See the information below about the swap feature.
The day in which you choose to drop a course also changes how much money you receive back from your student bill. KU has 100%, 50%, and 0% refund periods each semester. Always check your dates!

**Important!** Short term/Short courses have different academic deadlines than courses that meet for a whole semester. Keep track of those deadlines to make sure they don't sneak up on you here.

What if I drop below 12 credit hours?

Dropping below 12 hours means that you are no longer a full time student. This can have serious consequences for housing, scholarships, financial aid and grants, sports, and insurance coverage, among other things.
Please talk to an advisor or appropriate department before dropping below 12 credit hours .

I need to drop one class and get into another. How do I do that?

When you're switching from one class into another, do not drop a class and then add another. Instead, switch classes using the "Swap" function in Enroll and Pay. This guarantees that you are not blocked out of classes by keeping you in your original class as it switches you into a new one. It is always best to 'swap' courses within the same refund period! Not doing so within the same refund period can affect your tuition amount and/or financial aid.

What if the course I want to add is closed?

Talk with your advisor about this situation.  There may be another course you could substitute, you might be able to wait until another semester to take the course, or there may be an additional strategy available. Every situation is different!

Make an appointment if you have more questions about enrolling or dropping classes!

Ready to add, drop, or swap a class? Visit the Student Information Systems website.

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