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Appointments Types

Semester Planning Enrollment / Holds Admission / Readmission Probation/GPA Concerns Financial Aid / Progress
-2-yr plans
-Exploration conversations
-Planning ahead for Study Abroad
-ROTC 104-R degree plans

-Schedule building for upcoming semesters
-Navigating academic holds
-Enrollment questions
-Checking degree progress

-Chat about professional 
school applications
-Admission to majors
-Mapping out deadlines
-Interest in being readmitted
-Academic Action Plans
-Next steps and goals for success
-Academic standing conversations
-GPA calculations
-SAP Appeals for Financial Aid
We always encourage you to schedule an appointment with your advisor at any time to let them know how your semester is going! We can help connect you with any resource that you may need. We are here to help you navigate your college career. Click the logo to schedule!

Click to find instructions for scheduling an appointmen!

Drop-In Advising: Check-in, Summerfield Hall Room 315

Students can drop-by regarding the following 

Schedule Changes - Add/Drop/Swap
Schedule Change Forms
Transferring and/or transfer credits
KU Core questions
Enroll & Pay assistance
GPA Calculations
VA certifications
Brief Major Exploration questions

January 21 - 32 Drop-In hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Regular hours resume Feb 3rd **  
Fall/Spring Drop-Ins hours
: Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
  Summer Drop-In hours: Monday - Friday 9 a.m.  - 11:30 a.m

   Really, we try to accommodate any current semester issues you might be having.
  So please stop by for anything!

  For most appointments, you must be assigned to an advisor in our office.