Amea Chandler

Amea Chandler
  • Assistant Director - Edwards
  • Empathy - Adaptability - Harmony - Positivity - Activator

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Hometown: Hiawatha, KS

Degrees held: B.S. Speech Communication with minor in psychology, Northwest Missouri State University; M.S. Applied Health, Sport, and Exercise Science with emphasis in wellness, Northwest Missouri State University

I am an Academic Success Coach because: students need advocates that understand university policies, procedures, and resources that can directly affect their success at KU. I also love helping students in general which is why this position is such a good fit for me. The students I have met since coming to KU have already positively impacted my life in multiple ways. It is a privilege to get to work with social work students, faculty, and staff (KU Edwards staff included) who are helping to change the world.

Hobbies: Reading fantasy romance, watching Korean and Chinese dramas, going to see scary movies at the theater, playing Zelda, and going to Pilates classes