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Peer Advisor self enhancement
What you get out of being a Peer Advisor... when you join our team, you bring your individual strengths to our office. Here are some ways we help you grow as a professional and a student. 


  • Bystander Training
  • Social Justice 101
  • Peer Educator Training
  • De-Escalation Training
  • Safe Zone 
  • Confidentiality and Sensitivity Training 
  • Comprehensive KU Academic Advising preparation


These trainings are what provide our Peer Advisor team with a solid foundation - and we couldn't do it without the help of our KU campus partners. 

A UAC Mentor:

Peer Advisors get the opportunity to work closely with a full-time advisor in our office. We get to know YOU and what you can best bring to the job! Through mentorship, PA's have often found extra internships and programmatic experiences that they are able to help our office run. It is our hope to provide the resources and insights to help you grow personally in this position. 

"I love being a mentor to a PA! This has really opened up a lot of collaborative and creative opportunities between myself and the team. Currently, I work with a few PA's who help me run our social media and recruitment campaigns. It's great to find out what else our Peer Advisors are passionate about and provide them with the opportunities they need to grow outside the classroom." - Hannah Goetz, Communication Coordinator. 

Student Leadership:

The Team... Being a Peer Advisor means being a part of a close knit team. You'll learn a lot about yourself but also how to work with others. Your fellow PA's become your family! You will discover what group role you function well as, and how you can communicate well with other leadership styles on the team. 

During the semester, you'll be asked to present alongside full time staff at events like OPTIONS KU and in UNIV 101 classes. This gives you the opportunity to help guide your fellow Jayhawks when they are at the beginning stages of their college careers. You are also the first person who greets anyone who comes into or calls our office. Peer Advisors are the face of the UAC! You have a very responsibility to guide the campus perception of the UAC. 

Involvement! This is your time to be seen on campus as a member of an office. Someone who was chosen and is trusted with being a resources, a guide, and a helping hand to the KU community. 

During the summer, you'll be seen by incoming students and their guests as someone to look to for answers, someone they can easily approach. It's a great time to make a connection with a new student, that might last into future semesters. You could end up being someone's mentor! 

Being a Peer Advisor will also give you great insight into what HIgher Education is like! 

Bonus Materials:

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