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How Peer Advisors empower the KU student...

We provide advising by acting as a sound board for students but ultimately help them realize that they have the power to shape their own experience at KU. We don't make the choices for the students, instead we offer support and empower the students to make their own.

In getting to know students on an individual level, we are able to learn what works for them and what doesn't. We can point them to campus resources, activities, and campus organization that will best fit with them and impact their success in a positive way! We love helping students have those 'Eureka!' moments.

Treating the whole student... is an important factor in what we do as well. We don't just look at past course work and degree progress but we get to know their backgrounds and passions. We understand that if they have other obligations those play a role in shaping what their college experience looks like.

Why I love being a Peer Advisor

"I'm a first generation, female, minority student here at KU. From that I have learned how important it is to not only have access to important campus resources such as advising on what obtaining a degree at a university looks like, but also to have a support team; someone in your corner rooting for you. By being a Peer Advisor, I have not only gained that from my team and my experiences, I also am able to have the amazing opportunity to provide that to students all across campus."
- resident UAC poet and PA, Alycia Cardamone


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