Graduate Assistant Program


Jayhawk Academic Advising Graduate Assistants work with the staff in JAA to provide comprehensive academic advising services for new, prospective, transfer, deciding, and pre-professional undergraduate students, participates as professional staff in office programs and functions including student orientation, advising presentations, individual advising appointments, and serves on internal committees and work groups when applicable. Jayhawk Academic Advising coordinates various academic success programs and serves as a general resource for students interested in any undergraduate major or program at KU. We staff three graduate assistants each year.  

Office Duties

Our Graduate Assistants perform a wide variety of duties and tasks for the office. Below are expected duties of a Graduate Assistant in JAA:

  • Advise approximately 150 assigned undergraduate students.
  • Assist with orientations for all incoming students through individual advising and enrollment appointments.
  • Utilize several types of software and technology systems to perform daily work tasks and to help with strategic office initiatives.
  • Learn and utilize the Appreciative Advising and Strengths Based advising philosophies and models.
  • Practice personal and academic wellness through calendar management and supervisor support.
  • Apply what you are learning in the classroom to day-to-day work (theory to practice).
  • Complete a six-week training program.
  • Participate in continual professional development opportunities on and off campus.
  • Participate in a wide variety of office committees.
  • Collaborate with several offices on campus and liaise with one or more academic units.
  • Participate in social justice discussions, training, and development opportunities.
  • Understand and implement federal, state, and university laws and policies (i.e. FERPA).
  • Collaborate with a student’s support system to help provide a holistic experience (i.e. Family, Student Housing, Instructors, etc.).
  • Other duties as assigned

Higher Education Competencies Graduate Assistant program is centered on KU’s adaptation of American College Personnel Association (ACPA) and National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Professional Competency Areas for Higher Education professionals. We use the competency areas as the foundation for the program to help guide our creation of opportunities and experiences that allow the Graduate Assistants to grow and develop as higher education professionals. 

Contact Amanda Mollet with any questions through email at

Pursuing another graduate degree?

Our Graduate Assistantship positions are also open for those who are not pursuing the Master’s in Higher Education Administration program. If you are interested please contact Patrick Koerner at for more information. Availability varies each year.