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What is credit/no credit?

Credit/no credit means you will get credit (CR) for a class if you earn an A through C-. If you earn a D+ through F for a course, you will earn no credit (NC). This option is usually available for a limited time at the beginning of a semester, between the 21st and 30th instructional day.

Why might I opt for credit/no credit?

Some students choose this option if they want to prevent a low grade in a general education class from damaging a GPA but still need to earn credit and complete the class. Credit/no credit may not be used for classes in your major or minor and may only be used for one class per semester. Always make an appointment to talk with an advisor or stop by our office as a drop-in.

How do I opt-in? Check out more details for credit/no credit here and fill out the form.

What does it mean when I withdraw  from a class?

When you withdraw from a class, a "W" will appear on your transcript and you will no longer be enrolled in this class. There may be certain consequences for a  "W" on your transcript, and you should talk with an advisor to make sure that withdrawal will not negatively affect housing, insurance, or financial aid. Be sure and check the academic calendar for deadlines and refund policies for withdrawal.
Always be sure to check what refund period we are in before you drop a course. KU has 100%, 50%, and 0% refund periods. Which time frame we are in depends on how much money you get back for a course.

Can I repeat a course?

If you earn a D or an F in a class numbered from 000-299, then you may repeat the course. The lower grade earned will remain on your transcript, but will not be counted in your KU GPA. The course repeat policy may not be used more than five times. After that, you still may repeat a course, but grades from a repeated course will be averaged with previous attempts and will not replace a grade.

There are some restrictions and limits on the course repeat policy. Talk with an advisor by making an appointment.

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