Credit/No Credit

Credit/No Credit Policy

Full semester courses and short courses have different academic deadlines. Always check the deadlines on the KU Academic Calendar.

What is Credit/No Credit?

Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) is a policy that allows you to take courses without receiving final grades that factor into your GPA calculations. If you are enrolled an CR/NC course:

  • Credit (CR) is earned if you receive a grade of A through C-. CR fulfills degree requirements and allows you to move forward in course sequencing.

  • No Credit (NC) is earned if you receive a grade D+ through F for a course. NC does not fulfill degree requirements.

This option is usually available for a limited time at the beginning of a semester, between the 21st and 30th instructional day. Read the full Credit/No Credit policy. 

Who should I consult with before electing to take a class for CR/NC?

  • Your academic advisor - listed in Jayhawk GPS within "Your Success Team"

  • Your major, minor, or future major department when considering electing CR/NC for a class that will count towards degree requirements. 

Notice: CR/NC allowance is up to the major/minor department or professional school you plan on graduating from, not the department in which you are taking the course. Example: Pre-Business students should consult with the School of Business before taking any degree requirements for CR/NC for MATH 115, ACCT 200, etc. 

Check on your current grade and points left possible in a class before electing to take it for CR/NC. It may be helpful to calculate your GPA and/or consult with the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships for assistance.

Why might I opt-in to Credit/No Credit?

Some students choose this option if they want to prevent a low grade in a class from damaging a GPA but still need to earn credit and complete the class.

  • (CR) Credit - fulfills degree requirements, and allows you to move forward in course sequencing. 

  • (NC) No Credit - does not fulfill degree requirements. Receiving NC for a course can often lead to a student having to repeat the course if it is still needed to graduate. 

What courses are eligible?

This varies greatly per class. It's important to consider why you are taking a course.

  • Is it a KU Core requirement?
  • Is it a class you are taking for admission into a Professional School or Graduate level program?
  • Is it a class that is required for your major?
  • Is it a class that is needed for licensure? 

These are all questions academic units consider. 

Typically, CR/NC may not be used for classes in your major or minor. There are also courses that require a final grade due to licensure requirements. Some programs use "default" grades for students who take classes as CR/NC when it comes to calculating GPA for admission purposes. 

How do I opt-in?

You can access the forms in your Enroll & Pay account

To reverse any CR/NC decisions you have made, complete the Rescind Credit/No Credit form. You will need to use your KU online ID and password to log in.

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