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Exploring Majors

Whether you're all set to declare a major or are still exploring, taking the time to research majors and careers can only benefit you!

What is a major?

A major is your main area of study. Typically, it's around 30 hours for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences majors, or it could be as high as 58 hours for a BS in Aerospace Engineering. It depends upon the program and what kind of degree you're getting—either a BA, a BS, or BGS.

How do I find a major that's right for me?

  1. Research different careers with the University Career Center. Sometimes, it helps to choose a major based on your career aspirations, so talking with the experts at the UCC can connect with a major that will help you achieve your goals. Check out Careers and KU Majors, or call 785-864-3624 to speak with someone at the University Career Center.
  2. Sometimes knowing a starting point is helpful. Take HawkQuest! It is a career and major exploration quiz that helps you learn who you are and what majors and careers that would best. After taking the quiz you will be presented with the top five majors at KU that would be best to look into.
  3. Explore the catalog. KU offers over 100 majors, so it may be intimidating, but start with eliminating the majors you definitely don't want. Once your list is narrowed down, it may be easier to talk with an advisor.
  4. Talk with an advisor at the UAC. We can help determine your strengths and recommend a program that's right for you. Make an appointment with us or call at 785-864-2834.

How do I change or declare my major?

To view what your current major is listed as you log onto your myKU Portal, then click on the MyProgress tab on the side and once your are in your advising information click on academics. To change your major interest you would need to go to Strong Hall 109 and fill out a form to change your major. It is very important that you update your major if your major is listed incorrectly or have switched major paths. If you are admitted into a school (Business, Journalism, etc) but no longer wish to be a part of that school then you would fill out a School of Change Form and turn it into Strong Hall 109.

Some majors at KU have admission requirements to declare your major while others do not. To view if your major or major interest has admission requirements you can look at the academic catalog or you can talk with your academic advisor to make sure you are fully aware of how you can declare your major or if you are already declared. 

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