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Who's My Advisor?

1. Go to your myKU portal and login (KU ID required)
2. In the top click "Academics" then click on "My Progress"
3. Then click "Academics" within your "My Progress". Your assigned advisor will be shown in that tab

Where to find your advisor's name

UAC Assigned Students

1.Students who are not admitted into a School and College of Liberal Arts & Science majors students with 0-30 hours.  

2.Students who are still exploring and deciding on their major. These students are in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as a Deciding major.

3.Students who have a pre-professional interest such as Pre-Medicine, Pre-Law, Pre-Nursing and Pre-Health Professions.

Note: Where you are advised is where you can get your VA Benefits Form signed!


Non-UAC Assigned Students

1.Honors Students: If a student is admitted into the KU Honors Program they will have all of their advising done by an honors advisor.  The Honors Program is located in Nunemaker on Daisy Hill on Engel Road and you can contact them at 785-864-4225 or by email honors@ku.edu If additional advising is necessary an honors student can be advised by the UAC, however they will still need to meet with their assigned honors advisor.

2.Student Athletes: If you are a student athlete then your advising is done by a sports counselor for your team. If additional advising is necessary a student athlete can be advised by the UAC, however they will still need to meet with their assigned sports counselor.

3.Admitted to Professional Schools: If a student has been officially admitted into a professional school (IE: Business or Music) then their advising would take place with advisors by that school.  To be officially admitted means you were officially admitted upon applying to KU or you applied to the school while being a current KU student and received official notification from the school that you have been admitted. 

4.CLAS major with 30 or more hours: If a student has officially declared their major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences then they are advised by a full time advisor or a faculty advisor for their major.  To be officially declared means you have filled out and turned in a major declaration form and the department has informed you that you are officially declared. 

Note: Updating your major interest code is not the same as declaring your major. You can update your interest code in Strong 109!

No matter the circumstance all students are welcome in the UAC. If we are not the appropriate office for your advisement, we will help you navigate and find your advising home and answer your questions the best we can.

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