Why would you want to work in our office as a Graduate Assistant? Read below about the experiences our Graduate Assistants are having in the UAC!

What do you like best about being a Graduate Assistant?

Being a GA is a wonderfully engaging experience. Thus far I have met and gotten to work with knowledgeable advisors who put students first. Each day I get the opportunity to work with students pursuing a variety of majors, which is expanding my knowledge of programs. My confidence working with students continues to grow and I am able to apply my learning from class in my assistantship. The best part is being able to equip students with knowledge to help them maneuver campus resources and develop plans that direct them toward academic success.

Annie Bigby, Former Graduate Assistant


How does the Higher Education Master’s program connect with this position?

I am one of the lucky people to have experienced advising life as a Peer Advisor. I learned that this is something that I could see myself doing for a long time. Making that final decision was one of the best I have ever made because it is something that I am passionate about. I recall on the second day of class learning about Chickering and Reisser's Seven Vectors and how a lot of them applied to our students during orientation. I just remember leaving class saying "Wow, there's a name to what our students are facing." That was one of my “aha” moments. Overall, I enjoy the mentorship in my assistantship and the advice I get from everyone. It validates that I have made a really good choice by doing Higher Education Administration and choosing the right Assistantship in the Undergraduate Advising Center!

Alexis Johnson, Former Peer Advisor and Graduate Assistant


How as being a Graduate Assistant Impacted you?

I have loved my time working in the Undergraduate Advising Center. My job allows me to constantly make connections between the courses that I am taking and the work that I do every day. I also love the amount of time that I get to spend working directly with students and making meaningful connections. The opportunity to collaborate with students as they find their path at KU has been incredible. My job has also allowed me to set and achieve my own personal development goals, such as public speaking. Working in the UAC has significantly impacted my career path, as I plan to stay within undergraduate academic advising in my future job search.

Katie Bottorff, Former Graduate Assistant and current Academic Advisor in the UAC


How does this position help you connect with the University?

My time in the UAC as a Graduate Assistant was an excellent immersion into the field of higher education as a whole. I feel that this position gave me an incredible breadth of experience, as I was required to not only work individually with students and implement academic policies, but also to interact daily with countless other KU offices. These campus partners included academic units, residence life, administrative offices, student activities and organizations, and other student support services. I was able to learn how to serve students in a holistic way and make professional connections across multiple departments.  In addition to these experiences, I was also able and encouraged to participate in training and development opportunities ranging from staff retreats to campus events to advising conferences, all of which were instrumental for my growth as a new professional.

Samantha Cloon, Former Graduate Assistant and current Academic Advisor in the UAC


Where Are They Now

Past graduates from this office has gained employment in the following areas:

  • Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Advising Center-University of Kansas
  • TIP Scholars Program Coordinator, Ferris State University
  • Academic Advisor, School of Journalism-Iowa State University
  • Program Coordinator, First Year Experience-University of Kansas
  • Athletic Coordinator, St. Peter’s University

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