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Salary and Hours

Graduate Assistants are salary employees and will receive a paycheck biweekly. Typically they work 20 hours per week during the academic year and 29 hours per week during the summer for student orientation, but also have an option of increased hours during peak times in the office. Here is the break down by hours on the amount a GA would receive in a paycheck (This is before taxes are taken out):

First Year GA ($12.50/hour)

  • 20 hours/week: $500 biweekly
  • 29 hours/week: $725 biweekly
  • 40 hours/week: $1000 biweekly

Second Year GA ($12.75/hour)

  • 20 hours/week: $510 biweekly
  • 29 hours/week: $739.50 biweekly
  • 40 hours/week: $1020 biweekly

Benefits and Affordable Care Act

Even though Graduate Assistants are considered salary employees they still have to report their time worked each day due to the Affordable Care Act. Reporting time has no effect on pay, but it is a federal mandate that they must report time worked in a calendar year. In our office Graduate Assistants are not eligible to receive benefits so a they cannot work more than 1560 total hours in a calendar year. Graduate Assistants that need to be gone for vacation days or are sick work with their supervisors to make up any hours that are missed due to being out of the office.

Federal Work Study

FWS is offered for Graduate Assistants if they have filed their FASFA and is accepting Financial Aid. The department pays for 25% and the FWS pays for 75%.  They must accept the award through Financial Aid and it typically will not affect other aid.  All fringe costs must come out of the department’s budget and cannot be charged through FWS.  Hours that are paid through FWS funds do not count towards the ACA hour calculations.  More info about FWS can be found at: and click on Federal Work Study. 

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