Peer Advisor Profiles

Mercedes Bounthapanya - Peer Advisor
Mercedes Bounthapanya
Peer Advisor , She/Her/Hers, B.S. in Mathematics

Peer Advisor- Monica Carvajal
Monica Carvajal Regidor
Peer Advisor, She/Her/Hers, Restorative - Futuristic - Intellection - Connectedness - Input

Connor Dougan - Peer Advisor
Connor Dougan
Peer Advisor, He/Him/His, B.A. in Global and International Studies - Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Kaitlyn Foster - Peer Advisor
Kaitlyn Foster
Peer Advisor, She/Her/Hers, Analytical - Intellection - Input - Relator - Deliberative , B.A. in Political Science and Sociology

Christopher Gomes - Peer Advisor
Christopher Gomes
Peer Advisor, He/Him/His, B.S. in Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology

Grace Gomez - Peer Advisor
Graciela Gomez
Peer Advisor , She/Her/Hers, B.A. in Strategic Communications, School of Journalism - Minor in Environmental Studies

Keegun Gose - Peer Advisor
Keegun Gose
Peer Advisor , He/Him/His, B.S.E. in Secondary Education, History and Government - Minor in History

Benji Hawkins - Peer Advisor
Benjamin Hawkins
Peer Advisor , He/Him/His, B.A. in Biochemistry - Minor in Spanish

Myesha Kennedy - Peer Advisor
Myesha Kennedy
Peer Advisor, She/Her/Hers , Relator - Achiever - Belief - Learner - Intellection , B.G.S. in Psychology - Minor is Sociology - PreMedical student

Shylah McKay - Peer Advisor
Shylah McKay
Peer Advisor, She/Her/Hers , B.A. in Applied Behavioral Science

Natacha Namphensong - Peer Advisor
Natacha Namphengsone
Peer Advisor, She/Her/Hers , Learner - Intellection - Input - Restorative - Responsibility, B.S. in Biology - Minor in Environmental Studies

Olivia Obaseki - Peer Advisor
Olivia Obaseki
Peer Advisor, She/Her/Hers , Individualization - Analytical - Strategic - Futuristic , B.S. in Exercise Science - Minor in Business

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