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Welcome to the Orientation Advising help page

Before your Advising Appointment

Familiarize yourself with KU Academic Language: What's the difference between a major, an interest code, and a track? What does it mean if I'm PreProfessional? Click here to discover more.

Still deciding? Choose an Exploratory Pathway!

Be prepared! A week before your Orientation session you will be given access to an online Orientation course. This has been carefully prepared for you by KU staff and it is a complete guide to everything you need to know before you attend Orientation.
Sections include: Welcome, People at KU, Academics at KU, AIMS (Academic Information Sessions), Advising at KU, preparing for your academic advising appointment, Technology at KU, Resources at KU, and What's Next. It's important that you don't skip any section as they are equally important. You will have access to this course until your classes begin in August. 

Explore your enrollment options before you come to campus! Make a list of courses you might be interested in.

Click her explore First Year Seminar options! Click here to explore Learning Community options! Click here to learn about the KU Core and explore your options!

Click here to meet the Undergraduate Advising Center professional and student staff!

During Your Orientation Advising Appointment

Things to keep in mind during your Zoom Orientation advising appointment:

  • We ask that you come to the Undergraduate Advising Center at your assigned advising time. Why? There are lots of new Jayhawks on campus with you. This is just to ensure that you don’t take away from their advising time by coming early or late!
  • You will need your online ID (first name initial###last name initial###) and password. Advisors will ask you to log into the Enroll & Pay system to enroll in your Fall courses. Don't remember it? Check here!
  • Your enrollment will remain open until 10 a.m. two business days after your orientation session. It will open back up on July 27th. If you are a transfer student, your enrollment remains open! 
    For Enroll & Pay help check out our 'how-to" enrollment documents

After Orientation

Check your advising summary and report from your Orientation day. Your academic advisor will leave these in your Jayjawk GPS student portal. Find out how to access those - here!

Enrollment and Refund Periods

Enrollment opens back up on August 3rd at 8 a.m. At this point, you will be able to make any changes to your schedule.

You can make any changes to your schedule all the way through the first week of classes at no penalty or cost to you. This is what the Registrar refers to as the 100% Refund Period. We, at the Undergraduate Advising Center, will be taking drop-ins this first week of classes to accommodate any issues you might be having that first week—so stop by!
After the first week of classes – you will now be in the 50% Refund Period. Meaning, if you make any changes to your schedule by going down in credit hours, you will still owe 50% of the hours you were previously enrolled in. If you are considering any schedule changes we encourage you to contact us for any questions or help. There are lots of contact options below - advisors are standing by!

Our office constantly has drop-in Advisors and Peer Advisors on duty! So we encourage you to come in and see us for any issues you might be experiencing once you are on campus in the Fall.

KU Technology

Click here to learn how to set up all your technology as a new KU student

Learn about KU math placement!

Click here to learn more about KU math placement and enrollment