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Welcome! You will soon be coming to an Orientation session this summer before your Fall 2018 semester begins as a Jayhawk. It is likely that you will be coming to the Undergraduate Advising Center during your Orientation day. We are excited to see you! When you come to our office you will be helped by our Peer Advisors and you will be advised one on one by one of our full time Advisors! We would like to make sure you are as prepared as possible for your campus visit so by the time you leave our office you will be fully enrolled!

 If you have not scheduled an Orientation visit yet, please click here.

Before your Advising Appointment

  • Math Placement: All KU students are required to complete Math through College Algebra. You can also be exempt from this based on ACT scores; a score of 26 or higher in Math will do so. If your ACT score was not high enough to exempt you from Math 101 you can also try taking our Math Placement Exam. If you would like to view math placement or sign up for a Math placement exam click here.
  • Transfer and Dual Credit: If you took courses for college credit in high school make sure the college you took the courses through sends those in to KU! If you have summer courses that are “in progress” while you are at orientation – it is always helpful to bring proof that you are currently enrolled! This will help us as advisors ensure that you can enroll in the correct courses.Check your transfer credits here!
  • AP and IB Credits: KU loves to accept any AP and IB credit that you will be bringing in. You will find a list of AP and IB exam scores and their credits here. AP/IB scores for this year will not be in until July.
    • June Orientation – Scores will not be official at this point during the summer - save a spot in your schedule if you will need a class that depends on test credit.
    • July Orientation – Some scores are official at this point in the summer (after July 5th or mid-July). If your scores have not been sent in to KU yet please bring your them with you! Always check your MyKU portal to see if your scores have yet been processed.
  • Discover KU: Make sure you complete your Discover KU module on your Blackboard! This module is designed to prepare you for Orientation and becoming a Jayhawk! Click here for more information.

How do I update my application?
In your application you were asked to select what you think you would like your major to be. If it has changed since then – no worries, you can update that here . What you selected will be information that we as advisors will have to help us select courses with you.

What does it mean to be Pre-Professional? If you are an incoming student to KU and you have not been directly admitted to a Professional School this means you will start off as a student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences! You will be given an interest code that will let us know what Professional School you are pursuing. Example: Pre-Business, Pre-Journalism etc. You will remain a Pre-Professional student while you are completing the admission requirements for the Professional School of your choice! Don’t worry we remind you along the way when you should apply to your program.

What is the difference between a track and a major? A track is not a major – it is a set of required courses that go towards of field of study that you have elected into in addition to your major. Example: Pre-Medicine, Pre-Law or Pre-Health Professions. So, if you are Pre-Med you are not getting a Pre-Medicine degree. You take the courses that are required for the Pre-Medicine track while you are also completing a full major at KU. Courses for a track can either overlap with, or be added to a major of your choice. Your major is the Bachelor degree you choose.

Unsure as to what you would like your major to be? Choose an Exploratory PathwayIn addition to the KU Core which all KU students must complete, there are also several courses that are designed specifically with exploring in mind! In your advising session we will likely suggest a few of these to you.  There are also so many wonderful first year seminars and learning communities you can join as a First Year Student. You might also check out the Career Center’s website. Here also are some questions you might ask yourself to get in the exploring mindset:

  • What do I see myself doing in 10 years? You’re famous in 20 years, what for??
  • What courses or extracurricular activities did I really enjoy doing in High School? What skills would you like to gain or improve?
  • What occupations have I always been curious about? Who do I enjoy interacting with?
  • Choose the Exploratory Pathway that is right for you! 

During Your Orientation Advising Appointment

At Orientation you will be given an itinerary of lots of great events the Office of First Year Experience has prepared for you and your guests! After lunch you will see that a specific time between 12:45 - 3:45 has been designated for your one on one advising appointment. This will be when you are scheduled to come over to the Undergraduate Advising Center in Summerfield Hall, Room 315. By the time you leave you will be fully enrolled in your Fall 2018 semester!

Things to keep in mind during your Orientation advising appointment:

  • We ask that you come to the Undergraduate Advising Center at your assigned advising time. Why? There are lots of new Jayhawks on campus with you. This is just to ensure that you don’t take away from their advising time by coming early or late! Go explore campus while you wait!
  • While we understand that you may have brought guests with you, we ask that they go to the programs that have been outlined for them to attend in the afternoon. Why? The Undergraduate Advising Center prides itself on helping students take ownership of their own academic journey here at KU. We want you as a student to be proud of the courses that you will be taking! We believe ownership plays a large role in that pride. We ask that you allow yourself as a student to start this journey on your own. It’s a big step we know! If you are a guardian of a new Jayhawk we are always here for you to ask questions about your student after their Orientation Day. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at advising@ku.edu.

While you wait chat with the new Jayhawks around you and get started making those connections. Connect to the wi-fi with your online ID! Follow us on twitter @KUAdvising!
Our Peer Advisors will be around as well so feel free to ask them any questions you may have thought of during your Orientation day so far! They are the KU professionals. Follow them on instagram: uacpeeradvisors

After Orientation

Schedule Changes after Your Orientation Day: Your enrollment window on Enroll & Pay will remain open until 10 a.m. two business days after your Orientation day. Example: Orientation on a Tuesday? Your enrollment closes on Thursday at 10 a.m. If you come on a Friday, your enrollment won't close until the following Tuesday at 10 a.m.
When your enrollment closes it will not open up again until August 6th. This is so new Jayhawks that come to Orientation after you also have equal course options open to them as well!

On August 6th, you can make any changes to your schedule all the way through the first week of classes at no penalty or cost to you. This is what the Registrar refers to as the 100% Refund Period. We, at the Undergraduate Advising Center, will be taking drop-ins this first week of classes to accommodate any issues you might be having that first week—so stop by! After the first week of classes – you will now be at 50% Refund. Meaning, if you make any changes to your schedule by going down in credit hours, you will still owe 50% of the hours you were previously enrolled in. If you are considering any schedule changes we encourage you to contact us for any questions or help. There are lots of contact options below - advisors are standing by!

Our office constantly has drop-in Advisors and Peer Advisors on duty! So we encourage you to come in and see us for any issues you might be experiencing once you are on campus in the Fall.

Stay in touch with our office so you won’t miss out on any important academic dates or events at KU.

Twitter: @KUAdvising
Instagram: uacpeeradvisors
Small Questions? Text Us! 785-222-4921 or use the chat function right on our home screen.

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