During Your Appointment

Office Environment

Our office has two suites: Strong Hall 126 and Strong Hall 132. We have advisors, administrators, peer advisors and a front desk in both areas. It is important to remember who your advisor is and which office your advisor is located in. The first thing you will do when you walk into our office is sign in on our kiosk. This is how you check-in for your appointment. Once you check-in you will have a seat in the lobby and wait for the advisor to come and greet you. While waiting, it is good to be thinking of any questions you want to ask your advisor and what you want to get accomplished during the appointment.

Expectations During Your Appointment

During your advising appointment there may be a variety of things you may discuss and experience depending upon your needs and questions. Our goal is for you to have an impactful, positive and educational experience and aim to create an environment in which you feel safe and welcome during your visit. In addition, we strive for advisors to make a connection with their students by having developmental conversations during appointments. This means our advisors are here for you to not just help you choose classes, but also to get to you know and your goals at KU. We also want to have a two way conversation during the appointment so it is expected for you to have questions to be answered and  goals you want to be completed for this appointment. We want you to leave your appointment feeling like you accomplished goals and have action steps for you to complete after the appointment.

Students Living On Campus

For students who live on campus we will also discuss your Academic Success Plan that you created with your RA or RPA. The Academic Success Plan is a great way for you to have a more deeper and in depth conversation about why you chose to come to college and KU, what does your academic experience look like to you right now and what goals you have for yourself at KU. Try and think of it as when you leave KU what do you want your legacy to be. Your advisor can be a great resource to bounce ideas off of and really help frame your Academic Success Plan along with your RA or RPA.

Financial Aid Appeal (SAP) Semester Plans

During the appointment with your academic advisor, we will talk about your situation and discuss your academic progress towards your intended major admission or declaration, semester classes, and any academic resources that would be necessary. After the discussion, the academic advisor will then create a summary of the discussion in a formal letter which you and the advisor sign. You will then include that formal signed letter with the rest of your appeal and turn all completed forms back to the Visitors Center. 

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