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*COVID-19 Information and academic policies for spring 2020 are found at the bottom of this page*

NOTE: Full semester courses and short courses have different academic deadlines. Always check the deadlines of your classes here
List of College of Liberal Arts & Sciences policies and forms found here

Course Withdraw: 

What does it mean when I withdraw  from a class?

When you withdraw from a class, a "W" will appear on your transcript and you will no longer be enrolled in this class. There may be certain consequences for a  "W" on your transcript, and you should talk with an advisor to make sure that withdrawal will not negatively affect housing, insurance, or financial aid. Be sure and check the academic calendar for deadlines and refund policies for withdrawal.

First period drop: timeframe in which students can withdraw from a course(s) and not recieve a "W" on their transcript.

Second Period Drop: 

Period 2 (please see the Registrar’s official academic calendar) is the last day to withdraw from a class.
Dates will also be modified for short courses still in progress. Check the Fall 2020 academic calendar here


What is Credit/NoCredit? 

Credit/NoCredit is a policy that allows you to take courses without receiving final grades that factor into your GPA calculations.
Credit (CR) is earned for a class if you receive a grade A through C-. (Cr) Credit - fulfills degree requirements, and allows you to move forward in course sequencing.
No Credit (NC) is earned if you receive a grade D+ through F for a course. (NC) no Credit - does not fulfill degree requirements.
This option is usually available for a limited time at the beginning of a semester, between the 21st and 30th instructional day. Full policy here. 

You should always consult with the following people and departments before electing to take a class for Credit/No Credit. 

  • Your academic advisor - listed in Jayhawk GPS
  • Your major, minor, or future major department while considering electing Credit/NoCredit for a class that will count towards degree requirements. Credit/NoCredit is up to the major/minor department or professional school you plan on graduating from - not the department in which you are taking the course. 
    Example: Pre-Business students should consult with the School of Business before taking any degree requirements for Credit/NoCredit. MATH 115, ACCT 200 etc. 
  • Check on your current grade and points left possible in a class before electing to take it for Credit/NoCredit. GPA Calculator. 
  • Consult with Financial Aid & Scholarships 

Why might I opt-in to Credit/NoCredit?

Some students choose this option if they want to prevent a low grade in a class from damaging a GPA but still need to earn credit and complete the class. This policy is used for GPA purposes. 
(Cr) Credit - fulfills degree requirements, and allows you to move forward in course sequencing. 
(NC) no Credit - does not fulfill degree requirements. Receiving NC for a course can often lead to a student having to repeat the course if it is still needed to graduate. 

What courses are eligible?

This varies greatly per class! It's important to consider why you are taking a course - Is it a KU Core requirement? Is it a class you are taking for admission into into a Professional School or Graduate level program? Is it a class that is required for your major? Is it a class that is needed for licensure? These are all questions academic units consider. 
Typically, credit/no credit may not be used for classes in your major or minor. There are also courses that require a final grade due to licensure. Some programs use "default" grades for students who take classes credit / no credit when it comes to calculating GPA for admission purposes. 
However, for Spring 2020, departments may make alternate arrangements and exceptions for classes. As we recieve information from academic units, we will update you below! Still continue to check in with your academic advisor. 

What is the deadline? 

Spring 2020: Based on your feedback, the CR/NC option has been extended for spring 2020 courses. With this new extension, students may be able to request the CR/NC option until December 18, 2020. 
Deadline changes depending on your graduation timeline. See above. 


Fall 2020Regular Credit/NoCredit policy constraints resume. Period is between September 22nd and October 5th for fall courses that last the full term. Short courses have different Cr/NoCr periods.

How do I opt-in? 

Fill out the online form - here. You can also access the form in your Enroll & Pay account. 
Visit the same website to reverse any Cr/NCr decisions you have made. A separate reversal form can be found on the same page. 

Course Repeat: 

Can I repeat a course?

If you earn a D or an F in a class numbered from 000-299, then you may repeat the course. The lower grade earned will remain on your transcript, but will not be counted in your KU GPA. The course repeat policy may not be used more than five times. After that, you still may repeat a course, but grades from a repeated course will be averaged with previous attempts and will not replace a grade.

There are some restrictions and limits on the course repeat policy. Talk with an advisor by making an appointment.

Credit / No Credit per Academic Unit: Updates spring 2020 

Extending the CR/NC Deadline for spring 2020 classes only.

Based on your feedback, the CR/NC option has been extended for spring 2020 courses. With this new extension, students may be able to request the CR/NC option until December 18, 2020.
This allows students to recieve final spring 2020 grades before making a Credit/NoCredit decision. This deadline extension is for spring 2020 classes only. Normal Credit/NoCredit periods will resume for summer and fall 2020 classes. Please check the academic calendar for those dates. Students may choose to take more than one class for Credit/NoCredit. Effective only for the Spring 2020 term. Separate forms must be filled out for each course. 

Guidelines provided by academic units for spring 2020 classes below still stand and remain accurate. Please consult them and your advisor before you make any Credit/NoCredit decisions. 

Credit/noCredit election deadline changes depending on anticipated graduation date:
To ensure degrees can be certified, eligible students expecting to complete their degree during the spring 2020 semester have until 11:59 p.m., May 29, to make a request for CR/NC.
Eligible students expecting to graduate at the end of the summer 2020 or fall 2020 semesters would be able to request the CR/NC option for their spring 2020 courses until they are cleared for graduation.
Final deadline December 18, 2020. 

Reminder, Credit / No Credit guidelines and restriction decisions are made by the academic units in which you plan to graduate. Please check below for information regarding Cr/NCr in your specific major, minor, or future major department. PreProfessional students should pay attention to academic updates based on where they plan to graduate. 
As always, please consult with your academic advisor before you make any final decisions regarding taking a class or classes for Credit / NoCredit. 

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences - major and minor requirements are now approved for Credit/NoCredit allowance.
College student guide to Credit / No Credit. More information can also be found on collegeadvising.ku.edu 

School of Architecture & Design - all classes offered for spring 2020 will be graded S (Satisfactory) and U (Unsatisfactory). This includes requirements for their majors and the PHTO minor. 

School of Business - will now allow students to elect CR/NC grading for Spring 2020 undergraduate courses that are required for business majors, minors, and certificates. If you are Pre-Business please consult with your UAC advisor. updated 4/23/20 

School of Education - allows the credit/no credit option for no more than two classes total prior to being admitted in Community Health, Exercise Science, Physical Education PLUS, Sport Management.  This option is not allowed in HSES coursework nor ENGL, MATH or COMS courses.   The credit/no credit option is permitted in up to 6 hours prior to being admitted in Teacher Education majors.  This option is not allowed in School of Education courses or courses from your teaching area.  The School of Education will consider extenuating circumstances.  Contact your School of Education advisor or  soeadvising@ku.edu.

School of Engineering - is temporarily suspending the current credit/no credit (CR/NC) policy for Spring 2020. Undergraduate students in the School of Engineering can choose to have courses, including those taught in the School of Engineering, graded CR/NC. More information here

KU Health Professions - Students should reach out directly their Health Profession department to confirm use of CR/NC - they are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Please visit prehealth.ku.edu for more direct links to KU Med Center Health departments or click here

School of Journalism - will accept a grade of CR for JOUR 101 this spring 2020 only. Journalism students can take journalism major courses as credit/no credit. Journalism minor students can take minor courses as credit/no credit. Journalism students need to check with their non-journalism major or minor advisors regarding courses in their non-journalism major or minor. For additional questions email jadvising@ku.edu 

KU School of Nursing - Cr/NC policy remains the same. CR/NC should not be used for English, math, or science.  CR/NC is okay for electives and other KU Core classes.

School of Social Welfare - students are permited to take any class for Credit/noCredit.

School of Pharmacy - consult with the School of Pharmacy before opting into CR/NC for a pre-pharmacy class.  School of Pharmacy policy has historically treated CR/NC credits like a grade of ‘C’ when calculating pre-pharmacy GPAs, which may hinder pharmacy school admission. Typically CR/NC is not advised. 

Students in the Univeristy Honors Program should consult with their Honors advisor before making any decisions. 

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