Responsibilities Before Your Appointment 

Below is a list of things you are responsible to do before your appointment.

  1. Write down questions ahead of time. We want to make sure that are covering all your concerns. So, be prepared with questions to make sure you get connected with all the resources that KU has to offer.
  2. Get to know your advisor before meeting with them by reading their bio.
  3. If you are a freshman and live on campus, near the middle of the semester (October in the fall and March for spring) you will meet with your RA or RPA to complete an Academic Success Plan. We encourage you to complete this plan then bring a copy of it with you to discuss this plan with your advisor. This will help your advisor get to know you better and help guide a great conversation beyond classes.
  4. If you are in a major, look at your Degree Progress Report (DPR) in your myKU portal. To view a video on how to locate and read a DPR please click on the link in this step.
  5. If you are still exploring majors look at our Exploring a Major page to learn about all the possibilities and explore around to have some ideas to discuss with your advisor.
  6. Check your academic notices and read any unread Academic Notices. To learn how to find your academic notices please click the link in this step.
  7. If your appointment is about enrollment for the next semester it is helpful to have a list of classes you are thinking about enrolling in. You can search class availability, days and times on the Schedule of Classes website.  During your appointment for enrollment we will discuss what classes to enroll in and then you will enroll on your own after the appointment.
  8. If you are meeting about a Financial Aid Appeal or about a four year plan please read the next section for more information about those type of appointments and what is helpful to do before that appointment.
  9. If you are on academic probation please review the section about academic probation to learn more what is expected of you.

Financial Aid Appeal (SAP) Semester Plans

The first step for a financial aid appeal is to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor in the Visitors Center. During that appointment, you will go over all the details and items that are necessary for the appeal to be completed. After you meet with a Financial Aid Counselor then you should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.  This appointment will be a 60 minute appointment in order to have enough time to discuss your situation and complete the semester plan. We are unable to do these plans as a drop in appointment. Before you meet with an academic advisor about your financial aid appeal semester plan:

  1. Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor in the Visitor’s Center. 
  2. Create your narrative. This is very helpful for the advisor to better create a semester plan with you.
  3. Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor for a 60 minute appointment.

Four Year Plans

Our advisors can help you anticipate future courses and experiences by creating a four year plan. This can give you an idea about how all the components of a degree can come together and fit in a four-year timeline. These plans are a fluid guide and a tool. Some advisors may want you to draft a four year plan for your appointment to have something to work off of while other advisors may create it for you then explain it to you in the appointment. No matter how the plan is created it is always important to know all the components to complete your degree and creating a four year plan is a great resource for that. For information on how to create a plan and view a template click here

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