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Study Abroad in the UAC

Our office values a holistic educational approach, experiences and opportunities that can help students learn about other countries and cultures. It is also important to learn how to be globally and culturally diverse in today’s professional field. If you have the opportunity to Study Abroad it can help you obtain those experiences. Below is a list of all our staff in the UAC who have studied or traveled abroad and a quote from them. You can click on their name to go to their biography page to learn more about them. Also visit the Study Abroad website to learn more about studying abroad at KU.

Did Study Abroad:

Robin Merritt: Did study abroad twice, once in Paraguay and once in France. She also traveled extensively to Thailand, China, Burma and Costa Rica to name a few.

“I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Hall Alexander: Study abroad in Italy, India, China, Brazil, Guatemala, and Honduras and has traveled extensively throughout Europe.

“The hardest part about studying abroad is deciding to go, so go!”

Mattie Stevens: Did study abroad in Scotland, Austria and Australia

“Just do it! It’s fabulous.”

Emily Plotkin: Did a study abroad through the Classics department, spent a summer in Rome. And was able to travel through Italy and France. Costa Rica with study abroad office. Was the perfect amount of time. Allowed her to explore areas other than her major.

“If you can, definitely try to do it.”   

Dannah Hartley: Did a semester in Lester, England. Has also travel in Europe and the Caribbean.

“The goal when you leave college is to have a greater understanding of not only yourself but of the world. Doing a study abroad helps you think beyond your boarders and become a global citizen.”

Samantha Cloon: Did a semester in Rome and traveled to the UK, France and Spain.

“Living, learning, exploring (and eating!) for 4 months in Italy was one of the best parts of my undergraduate experience.”

Jamie Huddleston: Did a week-long study abroad in José Maria Morelos, Mexico to work with an Intercultural University that serves the Mayan and Mexican populations of the Yucatan Peninsula. Has also traveled to Juarez, Mexico and Cork, Ireland for missions work.

“As a first-generation student, I felt that study abroad was a distant dream; I never thought I could afford to do ‘extra.’ I wish I would have known then what I know now – that there are so many resources available to all students that give opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a global education. I am thankful to have had a faculty member during my graduate degree program who made the experience available to me.”

Katie Bottorff: Did a three-month internship in Sydney, Australia, working as an accounting intern at a service design firm.

“The opportunity to work and travel within another country was an invaluable experience and one that allowed me to grow immensely as an individual. While in Sydney, I had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from individuals from multiple countries other than Australia.”

Did not study abroad but did travel abroad:

Jessica Stringer: Did an exchange program in high school and went to Germany. Regrets never having studied abroad in college.

“Not studying abroad is one of my biggest regrets, so learn from me and do it!”

Paul Crosby: Never did study abroad but has traveled to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominica.

Wishes he had done study abroad.

“Study abroad is a maturing experience. You will gain great stories that will stay with you and allow you to answer questions about what experiences you have had.”

Hannah Goetz: Traveled to Argentina where her brother was studying abroad.

“It’s important to learn the language before you go it will make things easier. Be willing to experience new things and let go of your personal space.”

Amea Chandler: Costa Rica with Study Abroad office here to learn about study abroad.

“Learning about another culture through a study abroad experience can make you more marketable in the workplace. Also, going to a third world country really helps you realize how privileged we are in the US.”  “Cultural competency is hot!”

Carsten Holm: Grew up in Denmark and lived in three other countries; Latvia, Sweden and the United States. He also traveled extensively throughout most of eastern and central Europe as well as China.

“Everything you grow up thinking is normal you suddenly realize is actually cultural. You learn as much about your own culture as you do about the one that is new to you.”

Brad Whitsell:  Did not study abroad but traveled to Costa Rica and Panama.

“It can help you understand more about the world and different cultures.”

Alexis Catanzarite: Did not study abroad but has traveled to different locations in Italy, Paris, London, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

“Observing another culture and experiencing it first hand is just as important as being in a classroom.”

Alexis Johnson: Did not study abroad, but traveled abroad to Jamaica and Grand Cayman.

“Seeing a different culture and learning how to adapt quickly to the culture is fun. It is an eye opening experience to have your privileged checked as an American.”

Annie Bigby: Did not study abroad, but volunteered for a month in Antigua, Guatemala teaching Mayan preschoolers. She has also traveled to England, Scotland, and Jamaica.

“Although I’ve had the opportunity to travel abroad, I do regret not taking the opportunity to study abroad during my time as an undergraduate. If given the opportunity during my graduate program, I will not pass up the chance to broaden my perspective!”

Lana Crowe: Did not study abroad, but has traveled to Canada for French club.

“Every student should study abroad. It can be life changing and is amazing.”

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