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Peer Advisor Testimonials

There are a lot of good reasons for being a PA! Sharing your expertise with new Jayhawks is a fantastic experience, one that enriches your own education here at KU. We asked our current and past PAs for a few pointers as to why you may want to consider applying.

Why should someone apply to be a Peer Advisor?

I've had a few jobs on campus, but being a Peer Advisor is unlike any of the other positions I've held. Peer Advisors have no a desk or counter separating us from our peers. We get the privilege of working directly with them, be it during Orientation or throughout the year in the PA cube, where we help them with real advising issues. The team here at the UAC, both staff and Peer Advisors, is warm, kind, and make every shift a lot of fun. The work the Peer Advisor team and I have done over the past semester has been incredibly rewarding and has helped me grow in ways I didn't think a campus job could. Apply to be a Peer Advisor-- you won't regret it. Promise.  

Tirzah Chesky- Junior

What have I gained from being a Peer Advisor?

Since I starting working as a Peer Advisor during summer orientation, I’ve gained so much more than I could’ve asked for. This position has allowed me to learn more about my strengths and apply them in places outside of the job. I’ve gained friends that I probably would’ve never crossed paths with, which has taught me more about KU and our diverse community. Most notably, the biggest things I’ve gotten out of being a Peer Advisor would have to be the development of my communication and teamwork skills.

Isabelle Haake- Sophomore

What has been the most rewarding experience you have had as a Peer Advisor?

The most rewarding part of being a peer advisor is being able to help fellow students. I have been in similar situations as most of the students that come in for help, and I can relate to them and their struggles. In the moment problems that come with college and life in general seem unconquerable. Having this job has allowed me to acquire knowledge about those seemingly “unconquerable” situations, and I am able to make most of them conquerable for others. The reward comes from when students walk out of the office with a smile or you get a hug because you’ve helped someone out. I absolutely love that moment.

Myesha Kennedy- Sophomore

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