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General Education Semester Course Offerings Lists

Appointment Scheduling Resources

  • MySuccess Appointment Scheduler- This has information on how to set up your MySuccess Profile and how to schedule an appointment with an advisor or instructor online using the MySuccess Scheduler. We highly suggest that you update your MySuccess Profile in order to receive text appointment reminders.
  • Advising Appointments- Learn the steps on how to schedule an appointment with your UAC advisor and what are the steps you need to do before, during and after your scheduled appointment.

Academic Resources

Campus Resources

  • Counseling and Psychological Services offer many types of resources such as counseling and testing services to help students improve decision making and achieve academic, social and personal success. If in a crisis situation Bert Nash is the community mental health center and they have a 24 hour number.
  • KU Public Safety- Helps keep our KU community safe and offers a variety of community services and trainings
  •  Watkins Health Services- If you are not feeling well or need to turn in any medical forms Watkins Health Services can provide great assistant.They do offer drop in appointments.
  • Parking Office- Find out where to park on campus whether you are a student, staff, visitor or prospective family/student
  • Student Account Services-Learn more information about how to view and pay your student bill
  • Information Technology-Get our KU email connected to your phone to help stay connected with campus information.
  • Student Involvement and Leadership Center- Explore organizations and learn how you can get connected and engaged at KU
  • KU Student Housing can talk with you about how living on campus can enhance your college experience plus learn about housing contracts and employment opportunities
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs- Learn more about the Hawk Link Program, diversity education and social justice trainings and much more
  • Employment- Search for on campus jobs so you can earn money while learning and being engaged in the KU community


StrengthsFinder Corner

Throughout the year our amazing office staff will share how they use their Strengths in everyday life to learn more about them. Plus, you might find a new way to use a talent you've never even thought of! We will update this information frequently.

To Live as an Anomaly- A Person Who Loves Discipline  

By: Jamie Huddleston -Academic Advisor

I would like to blame my disciplined lifestyle on my mother. In third grade she gave me a present of an alarm clock. Early to bed, early to rise, makes an 8-year-old healthy, wealthy, and wise? Maybe not, but such a gift ignited in my young soul a need for discipline. Since the inception of my life centered on efficiency and order, I have discovered the blessing and the blight of such a custom. My strength of discipline establishes routines, structure, and diligence that has supported and continues to support my academic, professional, and personal growth.

Routine is the child of habit and persistence. During adolescence and college, I established bedtime routines, workout routines, and social routines. Although my peers scoffed at my 9pm bedtimes, my routine built foundations for a healthy lifestyle. I welcomed eight hours of sleep every night and woke to a consistent 5am gym appearance. Consequently, I evaded sickness, sustained life in the midst of a demanding schedule, and performed well in my academics. I may have missed a late night movie or a trip to Dairy Queen with friends, but I conquered the formidable foes of freshmen year with an established routine.

Structure: I believe I instituted the most effective structures within my academics. At the start of every semester, I collected my syllabi, grabbed my color-coordinated pens and planner, and strategized my semester. I wrote down every due date, study block, and work shift. I scribed throughout my calendar times to survey each assignment and study for each test. Three weeks prior to a paper deadline, I would collect my research; two weeks prior, I would manufacture a detailed outline; one week prior, I would write the paper and spend the remainder of the week editing and revising my paper. Procrastination is a foul friend, and it was no friend of mine.

 Diligence provokes a perpetual flame within me to work on a project until I complete it. In correlation with my top strength - achiever - I seek opportunities to take on large projects, break down the tasks, and industriously devour the endeavor. When I began my student teaching experience my senior year of college, I had to balance the workloads of planning lessons for multiple classes, coaching and score keeping for various sports, and applying to graduate schools and jobs. The layers of responsibilities and tasks required great rigor; however, with diligence and hard work, I overcame the most arduous semester of my college experience.

Being of a disciplined nature, I am equipped with the capacity to prevail over incredible feats. However, I believe the most important lesson I’ve learned in carrying this strength is the need to walk in the juxtaposed nature of grace. No matter how much discipline I impose on my life, I know that I have and will continue to experience failure, and with failure comes necessary grace. 

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